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Winter Steelhead Fishing

$250/person December-March

Come out and chase the most sought after fish in the Pacific Northwest, the Winter Steelhead. Pound for pound one of the hardest fighting fish the PNW has to offer and maybe the most majestic as well. You will quickly learn why these special fish drive so many fishermen crazy!


Spring Chinook Salmon

$250/person April-June

The "unicorns" of the PNW. These prized fish are some of the tastiest in the PNW. They can be harder to catch than their fall salmon counterparts due to lower run numbers, but it just makes each one that much more special.


Fall Salmon

$250/per person September-November

Fall fishing can be the most exciting time to fish in the PNW with loads of salmon running up the rivers on each tide. Fall Chinook and Coho salmon will be our main targets in this fun, action packed fishery.  We like to call this "grocery shopping" as getting your full limit of Coho or Chinook salmon can be common!

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