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SK Billboard T Shirt

SK Billboard T Shirt

SKU: 364215376135191

EXtremely comfortable cotton/poly blend Next Level unisex T shirt. Help rep your favorite fishing guide with this sweet T shirt. 


    The manufacturer of this T says it "offers durability and comfortability in one tee, it's an elevated comfort on a classic tee."

    So it sounds pretty good. Jokes aside, its the same T that some of your favorite brands print their shirts on, I've worn them, they are great. Rumor has it wearing this T while fishing may even increase your odds of catching...


    There is a no return policy in place. I'm one man, but a reasonable man. If there is any sort of issue just email me and I'm sure we can figure it out!


    Choose the free "local pickup" shipping option if you want me to bring it to you during our fishing trip, or if you can meet me somewhere reasonably close to the Vancouver/Woodland area.

Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Black
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